Credit Card Reading :

20 minutes reading costs £20.00.
30 minutes reading costs £27.00.
40 minutes reading costs £32.00.

To book a Credit or Debit Card Reading call us on 0161 933 2866 for Credit/Debit card reception.

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Text Readings :

Simply text the word ASTRO plus your question to 66660 (£1.50 per text message. Complicated replies may require 2 texts.)

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Call from UK:
Select number:
0906 4001 773 and enter PIN:4627
Terms of service

Angel Medium (Certified by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine). I work with the Angel Tarot. I have been reading for many years , Angels guide and support you with messages that you can understand and take comfort from. I feel honoured to been chosen to help and support you in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Through me the angels lovingly share their wisdom, with your peace, happiness and serenity always in mind. I was brought up to have a relationship with my angels and shall look forward helping you along lifes pathway.


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