Credit Card Reading :

20 minutes reading costs £20.00.
30 minutes reading costs £27.00.
40 minutes reading costs £32.00.

To book a Credit or Debit Card Reading call us on 0161 933 2866 for Credit/Debit card reception.

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Text Readings :

Simply text the word ASTRO plus your question to 66660 (£1.50 per text message. Complicated replies may require 2 texts.)

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Call from UK:
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0906 4001 773 and enter PIN:4490
Terms of service

My name is Elizabeth. I am an Intuitive. I See, Hear, Feel and I Know in my Knowing! I come from a lineage of Shamans. I use a Natural Process which combines reading your Akashic Records to determine your present challenges. Clearing energetic blocks, prescribing natural herbs and empowering my clients to live their life purpose. A Natural Healer and a graduate of "Automatic Intuition" by Slade Roberson, the author of "Shift Your Spirits" and one of the most respected Intuitive Gurus of all time. I am curently studying differnt modalities to horn my abilities in my work. My healing abilities became aparent when I found that I was making people feel better with in themselves when I communicate with them. They seem to have a sense of upliftment in whatever their problems were after an encounter with me. At the time, I thought I was only helping them by giving them moral support, but I later found out in 2013 through my Soul Profile that, I was healing all those people every time I became in contact with them. I also discovered that, when I see certain herbs, I would instantly know what their benefits are! I would like you to know that you can be healed from any situation that you find yourself in right now, and live your life purpose. I have helped many people over the years in all walks of life. I have Angelical Support and I work with your Primary Spirit Guide to get to the bottom of your challenge. I Perform Healing from a distance all over the world. I hope to be of service to you and bring clarity into your life. Bless You. Elizabeth's availability: Tuesday 7am to 10pm, Wednesday 7am to 10pm, Thursday 7am to 10pm, Friday 7am to 10pm, Saturday 7am to 10pm & Sunday 7am to 10pm.


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