Credit Card Reading :

20 minutes reading costs £20.00.
30 minutes reading costs £27.00.
40 minutes reading costs £32.00.

To book a Credit or Debit Card Reading call us on 0161 933 2866 for Credit/Debit card reception.

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Text Readings :

Simply text the word ASTRO plus your question to 66660 (£1.50 per text message. Complicated replies may require 2 texts.)

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0906 4001 773 and enter PIN:4486
Terms of service

Hello. I would like to say a few words about myself. I am a professional tarot reader, clairvoyant, and psychic. Nevertheless, it is not everything I have to offer to my customers. I also deal with healing crystals and past lives to help all the interested individuals. Most frequently, I take advantage of tarot cards, as they help me to predict your future and guide you quickly and effectively. When it comes to my personality, I can undoubtedly state that I am very empathic and completely honest. I discovered tarot cards when I was very young. I used them predominantly to help myself, but later on, the cards were also used to provide support to my friends and family. Thanks to my help, my clients have been able to find their way out of difficult situations, develop spiritually and professionally, as well as find true love they have been looking for. All my sessions are focused on love, empathy and honesty. Let me help you on your life journey. I will be more than honored to guide you onto a new path.


I am full of appreciation. Best wishes.
The sad truth is better than a sweet lie. Thanks
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